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25 August 2016

Aside from a monumental amount of paperwork this week, it’s been good. In fact, better than good. For over a year, we’ve been working with a family on an intestate matter. A pretty sizeable one and one in which, sadly, most of the family did not know the deceased person. This is often the case but that’s a story for another day.

In Autumn (Fall) 2015, the family asked if we could document the family history in more detail than just the family tree which we would naturally produce as part of the intestacy we were dealing with. Of course, we were more than happy to oblige. Furthermore, we produced a family history of the other side of the family (Irish) which unearthed some fascinating information not previously known to our clients. As our client lost his mother at a very young age, he knew little about her side of the family and so, prior to their planned trip to Ireland in July 2016, the family asked if we could possibly locate living relatives. The time frame was a little too short to perform a miracle BUT we did manage to locate a family tree on Ancestry which appeared to have associated individuals listed on it.

How many times have you written to someone who has put their tree on Ancestry? Of those times, how many responses have you received? We were lucky, I believe. Miss S replied and not only that, was delighted that her Ancestry subscription paid off! We introduced Miss S and Miss R (daughter of our client) who were both of the ’email generation’ and then, this week, we received this:

“I wanted to let you know what great progress has been made with my Father’s side of the family given that you were so instrumental in helping to connect us … we are going to meet up! Meanwhile, Miss S’s grandmother and her sister have spoken to my Father … I couldn’t sleep with excitement last night! Thanks a million, Kirsty.

Outcomes like that from cases we work on are ‘to die for‘. It doesn’t always work that way. Thankfully, we have had a fair few of late so we must be ‘on a roll’! Long may it last!

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