And finally…. new premises!

4 September 2016

We can barely contain our excitement…. we have finally signed the lease and Family Wise are moving!!! Our new residence at 5 St Marys Courtyard, Church Street, Calne will soon be FWLed. IT guru in place, electrician and decorator booked, IKEA trip (No. 1 of many) planned and the move is imminent! Massive thanks to Katrina Bartlett at Wards Solicitors for staying late on Friday to make sure the I’s were dotted and the T’s crossed. Now the fun and more hard work can begin….

They said it wouldn’t work. It did. Colleagues asked where my next ‘pay cheque’ would come from. I shrugged and said I’d make it work. They questioned my sanity (some still do). Now look. I also remember saying that I didn’t want to have any routine in my life, like the hours and holidays I was stuck with as a teacher. Erm, office in town which needs to be staffed? Oh yeah…. that’s no routine! No ties, no time commitment… hmm…

But you know what? Team FWL are the best. We’ve grown from a handful of staff to ‘bucket loads’ in a very short space of time. Our offices around the world are continually expanding and that’s why the expansion at HQ is even more important. In the next few weeks, we’ll hope to tie down an official opening date and invites for those who are local enough to attend. Thanks to everyone for the support to date. Please keep it coming!!! There are too many people to name personally already but I hope you know who you are.

From little acorns, oak trees grow. This oak tree is massive and so more acorns are being planted. Watch out world – Team FWL are coming at you. The team are travelling to Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada in the next year already and who knows, when the Rockstar results are out, more bookings may well be afoot.

[N.B. We’ve found some hilarious records recently so watch out for some genealogy funny blogs over the forthcoming weeks!]

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