Oh heavens…. A Rockstar? You are kidding….

13 September 2016

Times when I am speechless, shocked and amazed are few and far between for me…. Having seen the Silver and Bronze winners in the UK list for the Rockstar Genealogist Awards when they were announced yesterday, a Top Ten place was all I had hoped for. To wake up this morning and find that I am considered by my peers across the globe to be Number 1 UK (aka Superstar) Rockstar Genealogist is frankly ludicrous. How….?

So, lovely friends have said that “people love you and what you do and this is how they show you!” and “you work hard, and are committed to your work … that’s a real positive, so enjoy your success!” amongst other fantastic comments. There are people who don’t feature in the Top Three Medallists this year who, in my opinion, should. I voted for those I thought were worthy and many of those are medallists with others, I sincerely hope, featuring in the Top Ten lists. There are so many people who work in the field in a variety of different guises nowadays. Some Top Three Medallists are ‘big names’ who travel widely to attend and speak at international conferences, whereas others are more evident online than in person.

A few new names appear on the podium in 2016 along with other returning medallists…. I am delighted to be sharing the Gold Medal status with my dear friends Jill Ball (@geniaus ) and Maurice Gleeson (@mauricegleeson) who I have had the pleasure of working with many times over the years on international stages (USA, Canada, UK, Australia and on the water!). At RootsTech 2016, I met Judy Russell for the first time (@legalgen) and I am amazed to read this morning that she is “debuting as [a] Superstar Genealogist“. How did that happen? For the first time, Canada’s Top Three are Canadian residents – a shift in the way the competition has been run this year – and Gail Dever (@geneaalacarte) has stormed into Superstar position. Congratulations to all the Gold Medal winners and thank you, Michelle Patient (announced as Bronze Medal winner for ‘Down Under’ in her first year in the competition!), for my lovely Rockstar Gold tree (right, although I should point out that I am No. 1 for England, WALES and Scotland).

Now, to go back to bed…. no seriously, to wait for the Top Ten lists later in the week. Thank you so much John Reid for, despite all the stress this undoubtedly causes you each year, bringing the community together for this brilliant competition. And many thanks to all of you who voted for me…. honoured to be awarded the UK No. 1 position again (very, very chuffed!!!)

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