Friday update from FWL Towers

14 October 2016

After a long week in FWL land (for both myself, Mr FWL and FWL colleagues), here I sit, on Friday evening, writing a blog to keep our readers informed of the goings-on at FWL Towers (or Empire, as it is now being referred to). Having sat through Eastenders and Would I Lie To You?, inspiration has been lacking on a topic for today’s blather, other than the obvious BT update. So, I’ll begin with that….

With our ineffective engineer’s visit on Tuesday, we were joined (unannounced) by a second engineer on Wednesday in the early part of the afternoon. He appeared to be more knowledgeable as well as having a better grasp of customer service requirements. Well, momentarily…. lost for THREE HOURS and with the team almost resorting to sending out a search party, he returned and we could not have been more excited to hear the right number for our telephone line when his machine dialled the ‘recorded lady voice thing’. Now, we can put in our broadband and telephone order…. only two more weeks with just Mifi and mobiles.

Turning to Mr FWL this evening, I requested some inspired thought for tonight’s missive (this). Following a brief dalliance into suggesting people who may have been named after engine parts, there was a modicum of interest in the ‘bacon’ search. I was almost certain that I must have (a) come across and (b) written about Bacon Albert Thompson Green before. However, it would seem not! (I have searched Google and he appeareth not). Born in December quarter 1873 in Croydon, I was more than a little surprised that his baptism took place in Norfolk! Ickborough, to be precise:

Bacon Albert Thompson Green, Male, Christening (Baptism) on 29 March 1874 in Ickborough, Norfolk. Father, Robert Green, Mother, Priscilla

[Source:, Norfolk Bishop’s Transcripts]

Bacon appears not to marry as Bacon A T Green but dies in 1960 in Great Yarmouth with Mary Alice Green, spinster, as his Executor. His entry in the National Probate Calendar refers to him as ‘otherwise Albert Thompson Green’…. hardly surprising he dropped the ‘bacon’! Gammon appears less frequently than Bacon in the first name stakes and Pork on even fewer occasions. FreeBMD has just three entries for Pork* – PORKER BRAYBROOK death in Sudbury in 1845, PORKEY HENRY HOY birth in East London in 1861 and PORKELL JOHANNESSON marrying in 1956 in Winchester. Oh how unfortunate….

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