New week, new challenges

17 October 2016

Positive weekend. Check. Achieved plenty. Check. Cracked the back of some really gritty projects. Check.

With the able assistance of Ma & Pa FWL, the old office is now clean and tidy and ready for its new purpose in life…. the FWL external quarters are also now better set for winter and the extra pairs of hands were much appreciated. The Team were therefore set up for a flying start and we sure had one!! Not a massive new BV list today but enough to keep the troops busy. Some potential beneficiaries even regaled Senior Case Managers with the finer details of London politics…. never dull!!

Chasing up the ‘loose ends’ on some cases has proven interesting with tracing needed in the Philippines and plenty Down Under…. Just because a case starts with someone who was born and died in Portsmouth, certainly doesn’t mean that their family are/were there too! Speaking to those who aren’t beneficiaries can often also crack the puzzle with random snippets of recollections from the past. I have to say, a new Law is needed in this country though…. if you have a common surname (Jones, Williams, Brown, White, Smith, Wilson, Evans etc.), you MUST give your child at least one middle name, if not more. Seriously, Lee Brown is not helpful! Maxwell? Richmond? Hypatia? All are wonderful and certainly make for easier searching in our job…. why wouldn’t you give your child a name which makes them easy to locate when they are entitled to money in years/decades to come?!

Still telephone-less, we are managing to survive on mobiles and diverting our calls. However, nine more working days and all will be in situ. Hurrah! Work has continued throughout our move and now, we are very much focussed on Christmas – one of our busiest times of the year. Looking for a present with a difference? Then why not consider a family history package? We have so much more capacity this year (more on the team and more space in the new premise) but we won’t be able to produce a tree with two weeks to spare!

Call us soon and get your order in the pipeline…. we do love a challenge!

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