Time for the C word

27 October 2016

Now…. it’s less than two calendar months until the festive season is well and truly upon us so the light is green on using the C word, as far as we are concerned. This time of year is our busiest, by far. Ideally, we would like to pay out estates (where possible) so people have those all important extra funds to spend on Christmas gifts, decorations and luxuries they may not have afforded otherwise. It is also a time where those ‘missing relatives’ either come to light (all of a sudden) or were previously known and Christmas card lists bring tracing them to the forefront of minds.

We offer stunning family history binders for Christmas (or any other time of the year!), to meet the requirements of our customers. There isn’t a ‘price list’ as it depends what you want….! But, please don’t leave your request until ‘the last minute’. Family trees don’t grow overnight you know! They take time and we have strict processes and quality control procedures before any work leaves our offices. It needs to be perfect and exactly what the customer wants. It’s our reputation – our name and brand – on the line and we won’t cut corners.

So, you’ve lost contact with Aunt Nellie over the years….? Uncle Albert has moved and you don’t have his new address? Sometimes, we can do this in a heartbeat…. without even charging you a penny. Some people try to hide and it’s usually for a reason. However, most are traceable via some method or another – well, by us anyway! Missing someone? Let us know and we’ll do our very best to put you back in touch.

Our final prize (giveaway) binder for 2017 will be announced on Friday of this week – so, if you have entered the competition, watch this space. Interested in finding out more about your ancestry, locating lost relatives/friends or looking for that ‘stand-out’ gift …. look no further! You’ve found FWL!

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