I remember….

30 October 2016

People often ask where my inspiration comes from for FWL blogs. In fact, just last week, a business colleague asked how I blog so frequently! I was delighted as I originally blogged every day (back in 2012) but now that the business is so successful and busy, I simply don’t have the time to write every single day. No-one appears to have really noticed though and our readership continues to increase so thanks for sticking with me/us!

It’s Sunday today, as I write…. and more than likely, as you read as well. The list of tasks is as long as ever and some meaty reports have been scheduled for completion. Yes, on a Sunday because it’s one of the few days I can call ‘quieter‘ and I can really get my head into the Smith and Jones families of this world! I kid you not…. [panic not, the work life balance is sorted as I am heading to London mid-week to go to the theatre!].

So, what do I remember, you are wondering? I remember that life is as important as work. I am very lucky that I love my work and I would happily work 24-7-365. It’s that passion which helped me to snap up my wonderful PA when I met her in Tesco Express! I do have to remember to stop sometimes though and hence, rather than thinking “I have so much work I need to be doing, I can’t….”, I went to the Citadel Hall in Chippenham to the Feel Good Fest, advertised as an early Christmas shopping opportunity with a difference. And I was very pleased I went along – superb organisation and such a wide variety of local business with amazing Christmas offers! Over the years, I have attended a few events with an FWL stand and I wish I had done so today…. next time, eh! Loads of ideas to consider (and less than two calendar months now to sort) so hopefully, it won’t be such a rush for me this year…. famous last words!

[Oh and, in case you missed it on our Facebook page on Friday, congratulations to Angela Fumpson of White Tiger who won our final £500 prize giveaway Christmas binder for 2016!]

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