Victor Meldrew of Wiltshire (ish)

3 November 2016

For those readers who are not based in the UK (or those who are and have missed the pleasures of the above named, aka Richard Wilson…. who has also featured on this blog previously, I do believe), Victor Meldrew is a fictional character in the BBC One sitcom One Foot in the Grave. He is a grumpy old man and that’s me right now. Moan alert….

So, amongst other voluntary stuff I do within the field, I chair West Middlesex Family History Society and last night was our ‘every-other-month’ scheduled committee meeting. Ma and Pa FWL voluntarily (see the theme here) organise a theatre trip once a year (group booking tickets, sorting the coach, collecting the money etc.) for 40+ people from Dorset to head to London and they kindly book an extra ticket each time so that I can pop along too! That’s today (Thursday), so I thought (a while back) that I would get the train up, chair the aforementioned meeting, stay in a hotel and bumble about in the Big Smoke today. Well, that would have worked beautifully until some stupid rail company decided that the only way I could get any further down the rail line (tonight) than Reading is to get a bus replacement! At well after midnight…. Erm, thanks but no. Return to Chippenham (three changes later) at gone 2am.

Plan B = Drive. Good plan? It would seem so in some ways but certainly not so in others. 40 quid to park the car at Hammersmith??? However, I did manage to add to my schedule attending a 4N meeting in Teddington this morning and made a whole bunch of new business connections. After spending half an hour queuing to park in the aforementioned car park, I have been sat for a few hours (with coffee on tap) making calls to try to sort out the office telephone and broadband (ongoing BT saga), along with receiving calls from Spain and the USA. And who says virtual office work cannot be achieved!!! Only a few minor challenges today it would seem.

The BT saga will be continued in the next blog – now come on Mr CEO of BT…. it’s up to you to make that blog positive. No pressure….

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