Business challenges

17 November 2016

Regular readers will know of our very recent challenges in the new FWL Offices …. planning permission for change of use (retail to office), telephone and broadband connections and such like. It’s as though some higher being recognises that we thrive on challenge as, no sooner have we solved problems, fresh challenges present themselves.

Electricity. We don’t have gas. Just electricity. When we took over the tenancy in the office, an energy broker called and, rather than us having to individually call each and every potential supplier, they compared the rates and provided us with the best one. Great, we thought…. The previous supplier, however, would not release the supply to someone else without proof that we were new tenants. Simple. A copy of the tenancy agreement was sent off and we sat back with glee on our faces. Opus Energy was our new supplier. Electricity supplier sorted.

At the end of October, we were contacted by the broker to let us know that actually, because of the long delay in changing our supplier, our new supplier would not honour the rates we agreed in September (on a recorded call). So, back to square one. We go through the whole rigmarole again – which includes “my colleague calling you back and recording our agreement” – and we agree to change our supplier to British Gas. Electricity supplier sorted.

Today, the energy broker calls to say that the ‘credit check’ has failed and British Gas would not be our suppliers. Erm, pardon what? Number One: No-one asked about doing a credit check which will clearly fail on the office address as there is no credit history. Number Two: We have a letter dated 4 November stating that they (British Gas) are setting up the direct debit for our energy. So, apparently Opus will honour the original prices and the caller had no idea why we have had to make any changes since our Opus agreement. Wonderful. Problem sorted. We are back with Opus. “I will have my colleague call you back shortly to record the agreement”. I beg your pardon?!? We have done that already in September!!! “Oh but because it’s such a long time ago, we need to do it again”. You are having a laugh!!

After expressing my discontent and explaining that I didn’t have time for ‘Sonny Jim’ to call me back today – or indeed Thursday or Friday, as I will be out of the office – we finally settle on a call on Monday. “When would be the best time?” How the hell do I know!?!?!? Oh, hold on, crystal ball needs polishing….

Onward to the next challenge….

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