Being unique

24 November 2016

This week has been ridiculous, on so many levels. We have signed more cases than ever before. We have smashed down more brick walls than anyone would ever think possible. From what our clients/beneficiaries/customers say, the reason is because ….  we are unique. However, we are not going to give away our ‘trade secrets‘ so that our competitors (some of whom read our blogs) can steal our USP.

We have built our brand on ethics. We are honest. We tell people what we know. We don’t withhold information and if that means we lose cases, so be it. We would rather retain our values than tell porkie pies. “Your aunt’s estate has been referred to the Government Legal Department by Lloyds Bank” …. it has! It’s information which is in the public domain so why would we hide it?

Confidentiality is crucial in our business. We would never pass on any confidential information but how could we ethically write to someone and say, “You are entitled to claim a portion of someone’s estate” without actually identifying who? Apparently, our competitors do!!!!

Any road…. today, our MD has been given leave from FWL HQ in Calne. She hasn’t been available to speak to anyone or reply to emails. Why, you may ask? Because she has been to Brad Camp! We need her to be the best she can be to market FWL ‘The Brand’ and so we sent her on the ‘Be A Better Speaker‘ day…. and she’s come back buzzing. Holy hellfire…. she won’t shut up! Brad Camp has given her (too/so much) positive feedback that she’s now rocking and rolling to deliver her next presentation – #4NTVLive on Saturday, From School Classroom to Prime-Time BBC1 – 8:30am and not for the faint hearted.

FWL are a unique business. Apparently, other companies “do what we do“. Really? We are not so sure. Perhaps you’d like to get in touch with us to find out if that’s really true…. Compare our services to that of our competitors. We can assure you…. you won’t be disappointed.

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