Bring in the ….

28 November 2016

…. Stars …. Many residents of the UK will be watching the current series of I’m a Celebrity…. Get Me Out of Here! Some of the celebrities are well-known and some are (frankly) Z-list. Carol Vordeman MBE, Wayne Bridge and Larry Lamb are, in my humble opinion, ‘celebrities’ but there are also many other entertaining characters – be they actors, athletes, comedians or whatever – and the series is, by far, the most congenial I have watched (and I am a fan). This weekend, we have been graced with challenges where participants haven’t moaned, squealed or even complained at their ‘tasks’. Given the whole premise of the series (and past experience), this is far from ‘normal‘ (whatever that may look like). In general, the series features massive arguments, task participants screaming like a banshee, generally losing their cool, looking like *****s and such like.

Our day job requires more than a modicum of ‘staying cool’ and that’s what keeps us ahead of the pack. Other companies have, in recent times, ventured into the dark arts. Whilst we may not agree with either side of the dark arts court argument, others (ourselves included) have benefitted from the negative publicity and the time others have spent defending their corner/s. It’s surprising the levels the ‘stars’ will stoop to….

This, and recent other matters, have made me think …. what makes someone ‘a star’? And in whose eyes? Yesterday, I ‘performed’ my first Facebook Live…. I am, by no means, a star. Not in a million years….  I took the opportunity to present my stourney (story/journey) to my 4Networking colleagues (and anyone else who cared to listen) and it was very well received. It would appear that I am a speaker ‘of note’ (who knew) and hence, I will be setting up a new ‘Speaker Seeker’ website, so that those looking for me, can locate me effectively. I have lots of 2017 bookings, already set in tablets of stone in the UK and overseas…. Watch out for The Kirsty Gray! A force to be reckoned with ….

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