Bordering on a milestone

8 January 2017

Over Christmas and New Year, many businesses (and their employees) took a complete break. Some closed for ten days (weekends and bank holidays included). Not us…. frequently, our work at Family Wise cannot stop. Some cases, yes. But searching cases, no…. Many readers who follow us on social media will have seen our big success of the festive season, locating the father of a friend, in the Philippines. As Michele wrote in her blog on LinkedIn, we just didn’t give up. Even when presented with very solid brick walls, we were not to be beaten and our tenacity paid off.

Over the course of the last week, we have had an enormous increase in business with over a hundred documents being certified in three days on various heir tracing cases. Our clients keep telling us that we could “teach the other companies a thing or two” [we’ve had that comment from several clients in 2017 already]. As MD, I have been out of the office a fair amount to manage flat clearances and we have had many unexpected client meetings, solving family myths for local people in Calne. As I mentioned in last week’s blog, over the course of 2016, I have reduced the frequency of the blogs and this has mainly been due to the level of work and therefore lack of time to post! However, the next blog I write will be a milestone….. our 1,000th blog. How is that even possible?

FWL was founded in 2012 and, following my Superstar (Gold Rockstar) Genealogist Award in September 2013, this site was vastly improved and I began, on my web designer’s advice, to blog daily. How I managed that for so long, heaven knows!!! There are times when I can do more (for example, the forthcoming RootsTech Conference) but also times when, like now, it’s tough to even find time once a week. It’s not that there isn’t anything to say. I could waffle on for England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and possibly several European countries…. There just isn’t enough time to sit down and write for long enough…. without the telephone ringing, an email coming in, a Facebook message which interrupts the train of thought…. you know the drill! Don’t get me wrong…. happy with the busy-ness of the business.

So, before the 1,000th blog comes around…. what would you like to see in our 1,000th blog?? We have lots of ideas…. but we’d love to hear yours….. Oh and if anyone feels they might want to pen us a testimonial, we are all ears. We are ‘beefing up’ the website soon and we’d really like to have some more comments/feedback from our customers/clients to add into the mix and show people why FWL is so special and “simply the best…. better than all the rest” [Credit, Tina Turner].

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