Happy Blogiversary

21 January 2017

…. to Family Wise Limited! The balloons, the party poppers, the cake…. it’s all here. That’s why it’s taken yonks to write this blog to celebrate our 1000th blog. We’ve been partying too much (if that’s possible!). Some years ago, our crazy MD jacked in the day job to be a family historian on a full-time basis. Winning No. 1 Rockstar (Superstar) genealogist for the UK just weeks after leaving teaching, how is it possible that we have since written 1000 blogs!?

Tonight, we have some unexpected goodies to share with you from Harry Fabulous Brown (who just featured on a UK TV show this evening, born 1999 Cheltenham) to Stephan Fabulous Allen (born 1993 Birmingham) and Fabulous Impressi Absoulutly who features in the US Public Records on FamilySearch, along with several other Fabulous Absolutely references! We’ve worked hard over the years to bring to you, our cherished readers, some eccentric and sometimes frankly bonkers finds…. so we thought, what better to do on our blogiversary than to bring you more!

Fabulous is undoubtedly a million times better than stupid, like Fanny Stupid Stephens, daughter of John and Frances Stephens, who was baptised at Portsmouth St Thomas in 1781 – what were they thinking?! The poor girl if/when she went to school!!! The number of idiots in the birth, marriage and death indexes is thankfully small but none-the-less, they exist – Idiot Fasuyi (born/died 1966), John (Idiot) Tyson (1719/20-1789/90) and Idiot Esther Vaughan (bp. 1877)?! You are most probably thinking “You cannot be serious….?” Oh we are!!! There are even two twats in Scotland!! [No further comment required.]

The pièce de résistance has to be Oh Poo. If we hadn’t seen it with our own eyes, we would not have believed it! Oh Poo died at sea on 26 December 1919 – male, aged 50:

census entry family wise

[Sorry for the delay in writing this blog. It should have been posted last weekend but, we have been busy changing lives, reconnecting long lost families and finalising the adminstration of estates, until ludicrous o’clock. There are only so many hours in the day and something had to wait…. this blog had to be it. Apologies to our avid readers and thank you for following us for so many years. We hope you will be understanding and our MD says that she will make up for it in a few weeks when she’s jetting off to RootsTech. She certainly won’t be quiet on the blog front then!!!]

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