A dull moment? What….?

5 March 2017

I actually started writing this blog last weekend and I wrote: “That was the week that was. A week (and a half, in reality) after returning from RootsTech and our FWL world is BONKERS! Seriously….!!! Returning back to #TheRanch, I found a beautifully ‘parcelled’ box of paperwork for me to sort out upon my return. Oh joy! So many things for me to deal with, from my own ‘Private & Confidential’ letter regarding the silly man who drove into my car door in July, to cards inviting me to special celebrations in April and cards just appreciating me for being me!

And now, another week has passed and several people have messaged us asking if I am ‘OK’ and commenting that they are missing our blogs. Well, apologies for going AWOL and thank you for caring! Since my return from the USA (which is now ‘n’ weeks ago, as I actually cannot remember what ‘n’ is), the work has come piling in at a rate not dissimilar (I would imagine) to the predicted water rate when the Oroville Dam emergency was announced.

Along with the new commissions, a few interesting facts/daft transcriptions have been discovered, with the 1939 Register on FindMyPast recording 144 individuals with the words ‘expectant mother’ in the occupation column and a rather ludicrous 32 people called ‘My Fanny‘ who, for the most part are, in reality, named Myfanwy. Alongside these fannys (fannies?), there is also an Arse E. Silk in Leamington Spa who, in fairness to FMP, seems to be exactly that when looking at the image [possibly, Aase].

Knickers appear in the occupation of 40 individuals and those whose knickers are a little looser, four prostitutes??! Elizabeth Bonner was a Prostitute Nurse at Colindale Hospital and Rose C. Lemon was recorded as ‘formerly prostitute’ and living at Cane Hill Hospital. The other two entries were men, which was slightly more surprising…. Oscar Hellman and Gordon Hornby were both dental prostitutes, otherwise known as dental prosthetists! Oscar’s occupation is even in block capitals so doesn’t leave much space for transcriber excuses.

And finally, Cock James Wood…. I can hear you and yes, I am serious! I am sure those researching James Woodcock will be delighted when they locate his actual 1939 Register entry.

You see! Leave us for too long and look what happens.

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