Travels, networking and surprising issues

5 May 2017

A fair amount of time has passed since the last Family Wise blog (again)…. To all readers, apologies for this but business has taken very much a front seat and hence, the ‘bloggage rate’ has slipped to an unusually low level. There have also been a few changes at FWL Towers, all of which will improve our services to our customers/clients.

I’ve been off gallivanting again – business networking across the nation and doing talks and lectures all around the place! This week, I had a very interesting issue arise at a Women’s Institute meeting. I arrived in good time to find a lovely shiny parking space was saved for me, right outside the door of the building. I was pleasantly surprised to find that a data projector and screen were not only available but fixed to the Village Hall ceiling and wall, instantly ready for action…. or so it seemed.

I turned up to regale the ladies with plenty of stories about family history and give them some tips and tricks for research, with a very visual presentation – this is not one which can be performed well without visual aids! It took just a few short minutes for one of the ladies to apologise that the screen was not working properly and that the audience would only be able to see the upper half of my presentation screen, asking if I could change the settings on my PC?!?! Erm, the only thing which will change where the projector projects is the projector and it’s a long way north of any reachable position in the hall.

So, undaunted …. the ladies set about finding an alternative. I was a little perturbed to see that the plan was to project my presentation onto a BLACK curtain??! Unsure that this would actually serve the purpose, I gave it a go and, Hey Presto! It worked, thanks to my beautiful presentation on a WHITE background. Not a position I would like to be in again but alternative options on this occasion did not spoil the show!

At 4N meetings, my 4Sights are all NO TECH for exactly the reasons presented above and the trip to Manchester and Tranmere were therefore uneventful on the presentation side of things. Lots of new connections, lots of miles on the clock and lots of friends to re-connect with. And now to the weekend….

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