Limits and that piece of string

4 June 2017

Dear Clients (past, present and future),

At Family Wise Limited, we are very pleased to provide a consistently excellent service for you, managing your expectations (where possible) from the start to the completion of a project (whatever that project may entail). That said, there are certain things we are not able to do and so, we want to let you know this, so everything is clear from the outset of our working relationship.

If we are dealing with an estate for you (where someone has died without a Will), we cannot pay liabilities/debts without having funds to do so. You may well want to have your long-lost uncle/aunt/whoever’s ashes interred but, unless the bank will release the funds, we have nothing to pay the bill with. Sadly, it doesn’t matter how cross you are, the funds still aren’t available.

When estates are referred to us, we make copious checks with banks, local authorities, utility providers, the Department of Work and Pensions and many more. If there are personal effects which have been stored by a third party, unless we are informed by that third party, we are not able to read minds (we haven’t been trained by that duo on Britain’s Got Talent, DNA), nor are we able to fathom randomly that someone somewhere might have these items. You may well have been a friend of the deceased and be annoyed that we don’t know about these things but how exactly were we supposed to know?

Ah, so you’d like to find someone in your life who you’ve never met? We can certainly help there. You’d like a quote for how much it will cost? Well, we might need some background information before we can pluck that figure out of the air! In fact, we actually do a lot of research before we provide a quote. We want to know, with confidence, that we can achieve the mission you have set us. We don’t charge for this research time and it doesn’t happen overnight. We totally understand that you want to act now and we could provide a pie in the sky quote with no idea whether we can achieve the end goal but we would rather be realistic in our quotes.

Oh and did you know? Sometimes emails go astray. We cannot know intuitively that you have emailed us. So, if you don’t hear back from your email, why not email us to ask if we received your previous message? Not within 24-48 hours of your last communication …. do give us some time to react! But if you’ve not heard in five working days, the chances are that we haven’t received your correspondence.

We do work research miracles at Family Wise Limited but the above miracles are sadly not possible.

Thank you for reading and we hope this helps you understand us a little better.

~ The FWL Team
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