Never shy away from a challenge

10 July 2017

Oh my, wow….! How has so much time passed by since the last Family Wise blog? Since we last communicated with all of you, so much has happened/changed, it’s hardly possible to make a list of less than a A4 page of just the highlights. Each and every day is different (part of the reason why we all love working at FWL) and we honestly never know what the day will throw at us.

The morning’s post rules our world….  We collect it from the Sorting Office before the day begins and that helps us to plan the day ahead. Until the ‘phone rings that is…. A friend of mine commented recently about how he has 150 emails or so per day. I replied, “Is that all?!” The amount of correspondence we receive each day at FWL (across the whole team) is staggering. Post, emails, telephone calls …. the enquiries are endless. Of course, that’s a good thing and the team are delighted to be presented with new challenges. Sometimes the challenge is to keep their cool on the telephone when people decide that the best way to engage with us is to shout and be aggressive. That’s not the best way, just so you know….

Over the last four years (nearly) since we’ve been blogging away, we’ve talked a lot about ethics and professionalism. That’s what we pride ourselves on and we will never lower our standards. We are honest when we say that family trees don’t grow overnight and estate claims aren’t resolved in a heartbeat. Often matters cannot be put on a timeline as they are not utterly dictated by us.

So, the highlights since we last wrote…. We have secured a lucrative new contract with a professional organisation. We have resolved an estate out of court thus saving the estate tens of thousands of pounds. We have broken down a family history research brick wall for a client which has stood solid for decades. Our MD has been booked for over a dozen more presentations and we are soon to be featured in a local publication about the Heritage Quarter where our offices are now based.

Life is good at FWL. Why not come and visit us, if you are local? Or call or email us if you want us to look into your research requirement….? We never shy away from a challenge. In fact, we love challenges!

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