Once is a mistake, twice is a choice

6 August 2017

No-one in life is perfect, no matter how hard they try. And there are lots of triers in life…. Everyone makes mistakes. Some mistakes are small and go unnoticed. Others are larger and mean that a wider circle of people are either affected or realise the mistake which has been made. Whether the mistake occurred due to a conscious poor decision on someone’s part or by accidental misjudgement, the first time a mistake is made can be perhaps forgiven? However, when someone continues to make the same mistake, surely that is a choice and no longer a mistake….?

Those who know me well will know that I am an athletics fan. In fact, I am delighted to be attending the closing night of the IAAF World Athletics Championships next Sunday (13th August) which will also be the weekend of Ma & Pa FWL’s 45th wedding anniversary and Ma’s birthday (age not to be disclosed!). Last night, I watched the final of the men’s 100m and to say the result was not what I had hoped, would be an understatement. The Gold medal winner has twice been banned for taking drugs and yet, he is still allowed to run? How is that sensible? How does that help the young people watching the Championships look up to those medal winners and other competitors?

I am not saying it’s the Gold medal winner’s fault for winning. It’s certainly not. Maybe he is (as he says he is), “no bad boy” and when he waffles on about talking to kids and inspiring them to walk the right path…. Well maybe you do….. But how many chances does one person need?

The same is true in business. In our business, it is (sadly) rather competitive with some other companies using underhand and unethical tactics. With various ethical companies, we liaise positively and come to reasoned ways forward without the need (as others do) for raising their voices and rudely hanging up the telephone because we happen not to agree with their opinions.

In other walks of our business lives, we have come across some people who make mistakes over and over and over again and continue to be supported, despite appalling reviews and feedback from others.

How many chances? Once is a mistake, twice is a choice.

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