An apology, a promise and a surprise

3 December 2017

Wow! Yes, it has been a while since you last saw us here, blogging about random eccentric finds, amazing offers, occurrences in the world of Family Wise and such like. It’s fair to say that we have, this year, been a victim of our own success. Our profile has grown exponentially during 2017, as has our team, and some things have just had to be parked whilst that growth has occurred. Of course, client work has remained on track although we have had to manage expectations carefully regarding completion of commissions, as there are only so many hours in each day/week.

So, firstly, an apology to all our avid readers for the radio silence over the last few months. When FWL was originally born, we blogged every day. How?!?! Then it slipped back and then slipped back a bit further…. Slipping no more. Team FWL are coming back. Stronger than ever…. as we have more writers to share the load! We hereby promise that you will hear from us at least once a week, henceforth.

We have a few biz-related surprises up our collective sleeves over the next few weeks so please do watch this space (now, it’s not an empty space!) as there will be a fair few offers and announcements coming up. Not so much Christmas-related but exciting announcements and chances to win ‘lovely things’!

Over the past few months, we have been stockpiling some weird and wonderful finds but for now, one little surprise from the 1871 census:

[Source: RG10/872/69/56 – Beckenham Village, Kent]

Do the ‘girl about 10’ and ‘boy about 9’ who were singing in Beckenham Village on the night of the census belong to you? Who do they belong to? Will we ever know? (probably not!)

Welcome back to the FWL blog. We look forward to serving you more regularly from here on in. Merry December to you all.

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