Once upon a lifetime

11 November 2018

So… readers, it’s been a while. A long while. You might wonder, why? There is so much going on at FWL Empire, writing has (unfortunately) been the last thing on our minds. The team has expanded so much since the last time wrote, it’s virtually unrecognisable and we continue to grow every week, to meet the needs of our clients.

That growth causes challenges. Spatial ones! In February, we exhibited for the first time at RootsTech. At the departure gate at London Heathrow, there was a purple tree (in FWL colours) and we posted on Facebook with the words, “#lifegoals for FWL… maybe in our future “bigger boat”…” Little did we know how soon we would be looking for that boat.

Purple treeIn March, we looked at a potential larger office space locally. We found one almost immediately. We loved it as it held so much potential for us in the future. Three floors and the extension (space-wise) which we desperately need. Space for a Nespresso machine. Space for our archive to be stored behind closed doors. Space for our microfiche and readers with wonderfully elsewhere unattainable records. Space for our full 1980s set of telephone directories. Space for more staff.

We’ve been flogging a dead horse for many months to get to this point with our lovely landlord/agents but now, we have the new office. We are officially moving to the best postcode in the world – 0BS. That’s 19 High Street, SN11 0BS. Just consider the alternative phonetic alphabet…

Our squad is strong. We are going places. We are the only (known to us) family history, people finding and heir tracing company in the whole world with an office space like ours. We are heading to RootsTech in Salt Lake City again in 2019 and we’ll be attending many and various other 2019 events across the globe. The next month is going to be very exciting.

But before that, this weekend has been one of note. We closed our doors on Friday evening with a day of team successes including offers on properties, completion on properties, new purchases (cars) and more… and this weekend, we have recuperated for the new week ahead. During that weekend, individual team members have had personal contact from a second cousin who last connected 20 years ago and a surname studier wanting to find out more about our work. Wonderful this job, really it is.

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