We’re back, and we’ve moved!

23 January 2019

If you are a regular FWL reader/follower, you will have noticed a fair few posts in the run up to Christmas 2018. But, if you missed them all, we have moved!

Back in late 2016, we moved into our previous home which was beautiful and fitted our needs, but the team has grown so much in two years, we needed “a bigger boat”. Finding that boat and getting to where we are today has been a rocky road, that’s for sure!

We first took a look at 19 High Street back in March 2018. It has previously housed Britannia Building Society/The Cooperative Bank and the windows were painted over so we couldn’t see inside. Wow – inside!!!

hole in the ceiling

Empty, derelict room

To say it was derelict and needs a lot of TLC would be the kindest way of putting it.

However, the team could see through that and we really wanted 19 High Street to be our new office space.

Three storeys with so much more storage space, as well as a room which could be used as a boardroom …. This could be our home for the foreseeable future.

Working with some commercial agents is simple (it certainly was when we moved into the Courtyard) but this time, not so. Calls not returned. Constant chasing to even get replies. And then the person we were dealing with left, with no automatic replies on her email to tell us so! Another month wasted.

There came a point when I knew, we had to push hard or give up. So, we pushed mud uphill in bucket loads!

After much to-ing and fro-ing and going direct to the organ grinder directly, we signed the lease. But that was just the beginning! So much to do! But thank heaven for BNI and 4Networking…. Ever since FWL began, we’ve been networking. Not so much to bring business in but more to get the word out so people know we exist and also to surround ourselves by people who we need!

Almost every single person/company who had a hand in our move, we’d connected with via networking. That’s a powerful thing. We had a tight timescale in our minds. We wanted to be in before Christmas and we only signed the lease in November!

As you can imagine, in true FWL fashion, we did it! December 14th was the big day and boy, was it big! The team – along with family members, previous members of the team and more besides – worked so hard that we’d emptied all seventy of the crates by 3pm and we were calling the removals firm to come and collect them!

front of the high street office before moved
Family Wise office after renonvation

We are now settling in and every day, we make the new office more like our own. We are open 9am to 6pm every weekday and we’d welcome visitors any time! Why not come and have a tour of our lovely new home?

And, if you are interested in our services … whether that be searching backwards, adoptions, finding someone you’ve lost touch with etc., why not make an appointment with one of the team and see how we could help you!?

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