The benefits of learning about your family history

11 February 2019

You may have been reading our previous blogs for national storytelling week and hopefully, the stories we told have inspired you to learn about your own family history…?     antique bike

So why should you research your family history? Why should it be of interest to anyone?

Well let’s take a look shall we!

There could be some interesting stories

Whether it’s heartbreaking or heartwarming, you could have some actual real life stories to tell the grandchildren, that have some truth (which of course you can adapt if it really is tragic). You never know…

Awareness of medical history

On a more serious note, it is super helpful for you and for any health concerns, if you were to discover an ancestor had a serious heart condition that you were unaware of until now. Although, with modern medicine and healthcare, it’s possible you’d already know about any existing life-threatening conditions, there is a chance it could be missed. No one likes surprises (the bad kind of course) and you may also be interested in seeing how far back any health conditions can be traced.

old family photos and documents

Why not?!

Wouldn’t it be nice to learn about your family? To know where you got your quirkiness from or maybe your extremely long toes – maybe even your first names or why you’re so adept at baking? You will most likely learn a whole lot about yourself, whilst maybe coming across some juicy home truths. The best benefit of all is, it’s so much fun!

If you’re interested and have no idea where to start, why not contact us at Family Wise?!!!

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