E is for Emotion

5 April 2019

It’s fair to say that the offices of Family Wise Limited can be a very emotion fueled place at times. Our work ranges from finding heirs to estates, researching people’s heritage, finding out if family myths are true and putting families back together …. Sometimes our findings are life changing!

Many people say, “you have such a fascinating job” and we can’t deny it, it’s an awesome job. We meet and work with some amazing people and recently, one of our success stories made it into the press!

“Galston woman meets half-sister for first time after tracing her in Australia

Susan Boyd has been searching for her half-sister for 30 years.”

Karin and Susan

You can read the full article from the Daily Record news here.

News spreads fast indeed! But so do myths, legends and superstitious tales which you can read about here.

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