J is for Joke!

11 April 2019

Ah, we all love a good joke, especially when they’re all related to genealogy and family history!

Here are a few of our favourite jokes we’ve found (so far), they’re bound to make you chuckle!

Darth Vader looking a family tree on a computer and saying "so, Luke has a sister!"

But we all knew this already didn’t we?

A cartoon of an unfinished game of hangman on a grave stone, with two stick figures saying "I guess we'll never know what his name was".


A joke which says "I sent that 'Ancestry' site some information on my family tree. They sent me back a pack of seeds, and suggested that I just start over"

I guess we all have a few ‘fruit and nuts’ in our family.

A gravestone which says "here lies my free time ever since I discovered genealogy!"

A ‘grave’ disease indeed…

A cartoon of a gravestones laid out in a field in a family tree diagram. The caption reads "some family actually laid out their plots like this?!"

 It’s an easy way to keep a ‘record’ of everyone, I suppose!

We hope you enjoyed that small selection of family history related jokes, we’re slowly building it up. What’s your favourite genealogy joke?

The next blog is not for the faint-hearted as it is indefinitely a lot less light-hearted! Have a read of K is for Kin here.

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