W is for Wise Woman

26 April 2019

Oh wise, wise old woman

Painting of a elderly woman
Image: Wise Elder by Synnove Pettersen Source: pixels


the gendered ideal of marital virtue infographic
Image: Wise Woman – the gendered ideal of marital virtue Source: GHDI

Wizened beyond your years, old soul

mystical woman painting with lots of moons and an owl
Image: Wise woman art Source: epilogue.next

Looks deceptive, vain, a mystery to you, unknown

Black and white painting of a women doing pottery
Image: Cunning folk Source: www.mtholyoke.edu

Philosophy is her power, ageing woman, slow

Elderly woman brewing something
Image: Old wise woman, buried moon by Jamichael Henterly Source: Pinterest

Cunning folk, user and maker of medicine it’s told

Black and white digital line image of an old woman
Image: Gertrud Ahlgren cunning folk Source: Wikipedia

What she lacks in beauty is made up in knowledge

Medieval painting of childbirth
Image: Medieval birth Source:www.medievalists.net

Nor hexen nor dark, a virtuous healer at heart

Abstract painting of a woman
Image: Elder-berry wise woman Source: Sunsun Weed

Independent, a guard of her own, she is feared, but the respect does grow

Image of an elderly woman spinster
Image: Spinster Source: Merriam Webster

Pagan, a threat to Christ, the spinster, alone

Tudor era painting of a woman picking plants
Image: Tudor era sore throat Source: Pinterest

She is cultured, at times there’s woe

Painting of a woman with a crow on her shoulder
Image: Wise woman Source: Biddy Early – stairnaheirann.net

She is the wise woman many come to know

Written by Rhianna Selkridge-Carty

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