Life at Family Wise – An Office Junior’s Perspective

23 May 2020

Hello readers, I’m Rhys, one of the office juniors and I’m here to tell you a little bit about what the office juniors get up to on a day to day basis and how great working for Family Wise has been for me.

The office juniors are a new and important part to FWL and are in place to support the rest of the team and there are few different ways in which we do this…

The Lost Account and S27 Applications are something which I manage by myself. These are important parts for most cases and from a personal perspective, it’s rewarding to be entrusted with something which can have a real impact on cases. On one case, the Lost Account search found an additional £60,000!

Other duties vary between the different office juniors. This can be tasks such as sorting and logging post … this can be quite a hefty task with all the post we send out! It can also be doing other jobs as they appear. Things are always changing at FWL HQ so there is always plenty to do!

For me and some of my fellow office juniors, Family Wise is our first job and when I joined, I was not necessarily sure what I was coming in to. Family Wise is a team and it’s something which is really special and unique. I’m lucky to have been able to come into a working environment (something I hadn’t fully experienced before) and to feel utterly and completely welcome. A new environment means a steep learning curve and the team were there to support me and helped me find my feet.

Every day brings something new at Family Wise, I can come into the office and know that it will be a completely different dynamic to the previous day as something completely new and exciting will be happening and it’s quite rare to be able to work in that sort of atmosphere.

Well, there you have it! That is my insight into being an office junior and the absolute pleasure it is for working for FWL. Having this time away from the office has given me the chance to reflect on the special experience it’s been working in that environment and I know I’m not alone in looking forward to returning when the current situation improves!

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