Local and Community History Month 2023

2 May 2023
Local and History Community Month 2023

May is Local and Community History Month! The aim of this month is to increase awareness of local history, promote history in general to the local community, and encourage all members of the community to participate. Activities happen all across the UK including trips, library exhibitions, and local lectures. It’s a great way for groups to highlight local history and for local people to get involved. So, make sure you check out the following links to find out what’s going on in your area and how you can participate!

We have included some events that we think are interesting and think you might as well!

Keep an eye on social media by following #LocalHistoryMonth to keep up to date with events and offers which are taking place throughout the month. You may even find inspiration for your research or new resources!

Knowing more about the history of the area where your ancestors were from can really breathe life into them and can help you understand more about them. So, do research into the towns, villages, counties, countries, etc. where your ancestors were from. You won’t regret it!

Local and History Community Month
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