Do You Have Mayflower Ancestors?

16 September 2023

Have you ever wondered about your ancestral roots and whether you may be connected to the historic Mayflower voyage? The Mayflower holds a significant place in American history as it carried the Pilgrims to the New World in 1620. Their arrival at Plymouth Rock in present-day Massachusetts laid the foundation for the establishment of the Plymouth Colony and the eventual colonisation of the United States. Today, there is a growing interest in uncovering Mayflower descendants and tracing their family trees. In this blog, we will delve into the world of Mayflower genealogy, explore the benefits of joining the Mayflower Society, and provide you with resources to help you discover if you are a Mayflower descendant.

Who Were The Mayflower Passengers?

The Mayflower passengers consisted of approximately 102 individuals, including men, women, and children. They were a diverse group, comprising the Pilgrims, or Separatists, who were seeking religious freedom, as well as other individuals who aimed to settle in the New World for economic or personal reasons. The passengers came from various backgrounds and occupations, including farmers, merchants, craftsmen, and religious leaders, each bringing their unique skills and contributions to the new colony. According to the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, up to 10 million Americans and 35 million people worldwide could have connections to the famous ship.

The Mayflower ship on the water

Tips and Tricks

Researching Mayflower descendants requires a systematic approach and utilisation of various resources. here are some useful tips to help you in your quest:

  1. Start with yourself: Begin by gathering your own family history information, including birth and marriage certificates, photographs, and stories passed down through generations. This will provide a foundation for your research.
  2. Work backwards: Begin tracing your family tree, going back one generation at a time. Use online genealogy platforms, historical records, and other resources to establish links between generations.
  3. Connect with other researchers: Join online forums and communities dedicated to Mayflower genealogy. Sharing information and collaborating with fellow researchers can help uncover new leads and provide valuable insights.
  4. Visit local archives and libraries: Depending on your location, there may be local archives or libraries that house historical documents relevant to Mayflower passengers. These physical resources can provide a more immersive research experience.
  5. Consult with professionals: If you encounter challenges or hit a dead end, consider seeking the assistance of professional genealogists or historians who specialise in Mayflower ancestry. They can provide guidance and expertise to help you navigate through complex records.

Remember, researching Mayflower descendants requires dedication and meticulousness. Be prepared to explore multiple avenues and cross-reference information to ensure accuracy.


There are plenty of resources which are available to discover your Mayflower ancestry. Some of these include:

These platforms provide access to a vast collection of historical records, including census data, immigration records, and birth certificates, which can help you uncover connections to the Mayflower passengers.

The Mayflower passenger list is a crucial resource for anyone seeking to discover their family connection to the Mayflower. Fortunately, the passenger list has been meticulously documented and preserved, making it easier for individuals to trace their lineage. The list includes the names of all known passengers who embarked on the Mayflower’s historical journey. By cross-referencing this list with your own family tree and genealogical research, you can identify any potential Mayflower ancestors in your lineage. It’s important to note that the passenger list is constantly evolving as new research uncovers previously unknown connections, so it’s worth revisiting the list periodically to stay up to date with the latest findings.

The Mayflower passengers coming ashore

Joining The Mayflower Society

If you have successfully traced your lineage back to a Mayflower passenger, you may be eligible for membership in The Mayflower Society. The society offers numerous benefits to its members, including:

  • Access to extensive genealogical resources: Once you become a member, you gain access to The Mayflower Society’s extensive database which can enhance your research and provide valuable insights into your Mayflower ancestry.
  • Connection with other Mayflower descendants: Membership in The Mayflower Society allows you to connect with a community of like-minded individuals who share your historical heritage. This provides opportunities for collaboration, support, and the exchange of information.
  • Participation in events and gatherings: The Mayflower Society organises various events and gatherings throughout the year, including conferences, reunions, and educational programs. These events offer opportunities to learn more about Mayflower history and connect with fellow Mayflower descendants.

To join The Mayflower Society, you will need to meet specific requirements, including providing well-documented lineage and paying membership fees. The society’s website offers detailed information on the application process and membership criteria.

Famous Mayflower Descendants

Throughout history, many notable individuals have discovered their connections to the Mayflower. These famous Mayflower descendants include presidents, authors, actors, and other influential figures. Some well-known Mayflower descendants include:

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt: The 32nd President of the United States had Mayflower ancestry through his mother’s side.
  • Marilyn Monroe: The iconic actress and model had Mayflower ancestry through her maternal grandmother.
  • Clint Eastwood: The legendary actor and filmmaker has traced his lineage back to Mayflower passengers.
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder: The beloved author of the ‘Little House on the Prairie’ series has Mayflower ancestry.

These famous Mayflower descendants serve as a reminder of the diverse impact the Pilgrims had on shaping American history and culture. Discovering your own Mayflower connection can add a personal touch to this shared heritage.

Mayflower Descendants Common Surnames

The Mayflower passengers came from various backgrounds and brought with them a range of surnames. Some common surnames associated with Mayflower descendants include:

  • Alden
  • Bradford
  • Brewster
  • Howland
  • Standish
  • Warren

However, it’s important to note that these surnames may have changed or evolved over the centuries.

To explore Mayflower descendants family trees, you can turn to genealogical resources such as The Mayflower Society’s database or online platforms like WikiTree. These platforms allow individuals to collaborate and build comprehensive family trees, connecting with others who share the same lineage.

Tracing your surname back to a Mayflower passenger can be an exciting endeavour, but it’s essential to approach it with caution. Verify the information you find through multiple sources and consult with experts when necessary to ensure accuracy. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Family Wise if you need assistance, help unpicking your findings, or just another set of eyes!


Discovering that you are a Mayflower descendant is a remarkable achievement, It connects you to an important chapter in history and provides an opportunity to embrace your ancestral roots. Through diligent research, collaboration with other Mayflower descendants, and the guidance of organisations like The Mayflower Society, you can uncover the rich tapestry of your Mayflower ancestry. Embrace this heritage with pride and continue to explore the stories and legacies of those who embarked on this historic voyage.

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