6th January 2014

Focus on Rainbow

What were they thinking? Up above the streets and houses… the theme encouraged us to envisage an average town, filled with average houses. Now, let’s choose […]
5th January 2014

A Challenge for 2014

Are you up for the challenge set by Amy Johnson Crow… 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks? The challenge is to have one blog post each week […]
4th January 2014

Make Good Use of Bad Rubbish

The Womble Patrol continues….  fourteen children born in England and Wales between 1994 and 2005 called Tobermory and indeed four named Tomsk between 1996 and 2004. […]
3rd January 2014

Long way from home

Sometimes I hear researchers say, ‘I wish I could find out where s/he was buried’. On many occasions, it is a long way from where they […]
2nd January 2014

Sadly, no Snodgrass Womble

Thanks to the wonderful @TidyBag, the Wombles Wikipedia page has duly been corrected – and vastly improved I might add – to note that in fact, […]
2nd January 2014

The Womble Challenge!

And so, 2014 begins with another display of OCD in the office of Family Wise. In between Heir Hunting cases and an anniversary family history gift […]
1st January 2014

New Year Womble – challenge

Wow – words fail me! New Year Womble died aged 95 on 19 December 1948 in North Carolina! So, who can find Orinoco Womble, Great Uncle […]
1st January 2014

New Year …. New resources

From 1 January 2014, the Daily Telegraph has been made available to view and read from one hundred years ago. Today’s edition includes coverage of the New Year’s […]
31st December 2013

New Year’s Honours

The New Year’s Honours List looks long and once again, full of very worthy individuals who have done some amazing work. However, a small part of […]