17th October 2016

New week, new challenges

Positive weekend. Check. Achieved plenty. Check. Cracked the back of some really gritty projects. Check. With the able assistance of Ma & Pa FWL, the old […]
14th October 2016

Friday update from FWL Towers

After a long week in FWL land (for both myself, Mr FWL and FWL colleagues), here I sit, on Friday evening, writing a blog to keep […]
11th October 2016

A Game of Roulette

Moving to a new office is, we have decided, like a game of roulette. There are outside and inside bets from odd/even, red/black to top line/trio/split. […]
8th October 2016

Practically magic

Who actually watches the adverts on television these days, or ever? Personally, I prefer to record programmes or live pause them, so I don’t have to […]
5th October 2016

Trials and tribulations

New office? New challenges! The new FWL Office opened officially yesterday (Tuesday 4 October) at 5 St Mary’s Courtyard, Church Street, Calne. Due to swift expansion […]
2nd October 2016

1841 census infuriates many

Every ten years since 1801 (excluding 1941 due to the World War which was being fought at the time), a census has been taken. The first […]
29th September 2016

The result are in!

On 27 August, we uttered a word which made people gasp – Christmas …. in August!?! We offered our readers the opportunity to win a family […]
26th September 2016

The importance of reliability

Ever since I left school, I have always known how important it is to be reliable. No-one ever sat me down and told me why, or […]
23rd September 2016

World Wars and naming patterns

Those of you who are regular readers (thank you!) will know that, at FWL, we have a penchant for names and particularly, ‘stand out’ names. We will […]