19th August 2016

Market research

Years ago, when computer monitors were packed into cubed boxes for transportation rather than a box the size of a lever arch file, or forming part […]
15th August 2016

The importance of good systems

Usually, our days are driven by the Bonavacantia Division and the new list which they publish daily. Some days, they publish the daily list with no new […]
12th August 2016

Keys, frogs and trees

Exciting times ahead! We have keys to our new office…..! There are still some formality hoops to leap through but, in the meantime, we can start […]
9th August 2016

Help…. too much networking

Sitting here this evening, not only have I been watching the 2016 Olympics in Rio (Brazil) but also participating in a very important Facebook event – […]
6th August 2016

When a good plan….

….doesn’t quite play out…. That has been the story of the last 48 hours. Have a day off, they said…. Sure thing…. until most of the […]
4th August 2016

Learning new skills

Every day is a new day to learn new things. However, we (Team FWL) never imagined a day when we would have to run FWL with […]
1st August 2016

Jones, Evans, Williams…. what next….

No task is too big for us at FWL. However sometimes, the challenges are fairly large. “Please can you find David Jones“…. oh heavens! Even tying […]
30th July 2016

Meeting of minds

Two weeks ago, I told you about my trip to the Big Smoke. I went again today…. ugh…. not my favourite trip, I have to confess. Reading […]
27th July 2016

Being cautious

The number of times per week (or even per day) we are questioned about the validity of our calls is staggering. Have you any idea how hard […]