9th July 2016

Quote Night

In recent months, I have heard (generally on social media) of ‘Date Night’…. friends who have been in relationships for a long period of time (and […]
7th July 2016

Out of sync

Apologies readers. Today should be a ‘non-blog’ day and yesterday should have been a ‘blog’ day. The problem was that yesterday was quite frankly ridiculous …. […]
4th July 2016

What makes you read our blog?

Just last week, we asked a question of our readership: Why do you keep reading our blog? We had dozens of responses via various channels (Twitter, Facebook […]
2nd July 2016

Who’s been taking stupid pills?

So you think we have some crackpot names nowadays? Try looking back in history…. some people were clearly either drinking too much, high on some illegal substances […]
30th June 2016

Work work work

Goodness gracious! Today has been out of this world. We have a seriously dedicated team at FWL and we all work long hours to achieve the […]
28th June 2016

Changing the game

The game changes. Every day. Once upon a time, in a land far far from here, my job description was very different from that of today. […]
26th June 2016

Free stuff

In the normal way of things, our first port of call for our day-to-day research is either FindMyPast or Ancestry. These are the two main commercial providers […]
24th June 2016

Votes cast

Even those not residing in the United Kingdom could not have missed (thanks to the wonders of 21st century communications) that we have been subjected, in the […]
22nd June 2016

Focussing minds

Have you made valuable use of your time today? How many times do you get to the end of a working day and wonder what you […]