20th April 2016

Q for Questions

All day, every day …. questions…. so many questions…. Who was the father of X? And was the mother, Y or Z? How can we be […]
19th April 2016

P for the Power of Networking

Networking? Why? …. Well frankly, why not? Family Wise Limited was founded in 2012 and, ever since its foundation, we have been networking in various guises. […]
18th April 2016

O for Occupations

Those who have heard my lecture on Searching for Surnames will know that I have favourite names which I (as well as, no doubt, others) have located […]
17th April 2016

N for National Archives

You would think that N would be an easy letter in the A-Z blog. There are definitely more challenging letters ahead and there are loads of […]
15th April 2016

M for Mother’s Maiden Name

A fairly crucial part of our research…. the mother’s maiden name…. particularly when we are trying to make connections back up the tree. John Waterhouse with […]
14th April 2016

L for Lazy Research

When stuck for blog post topics, Team FWL, Mr FWL and Ma & Pa FWL are often consulted. Tonight, the credit goes to Mr FWL. L […]
14th April 2016

K for Kin

A person’s closest living relative is frequently referred to as their ‘next of kin‘. In the United States, this has a legal definition. However, in the United […]
12th April 2016

J for Juggling

During the course of our research, we do a lot of juggling. Juggling of hundreds of projects with different expectations, time scales, client requirements etc. Lists […]
11th April 2016

I for Investigation

When you are welcomed into the working world of FWL Towers, Investigation is added (by deed poll) to your name as a new (additional) middle name. That’s what […]