26th April 2016

V for Vaccination records

“What?” I hear you shout. It’s rather unlikely that the parent taking their child to the Public Vaccinator in the nineteenth century to be vaccinated for smallpox […]
25th April 2016

U for Unrealistic

Oh, how many possibilities there are with this title! How many people in the world claim that they are descended from King Oojamaflip? Or they have […]
24th April 2016

T for Thank You!

Two small words (in English) which, when put together, mean a lot to the recipient. We seem to have become a society of people always ready to […]
23rd April 2016

S for Stories

It’s all about stories. Yes, there are names, dates and places but the stories are more important, don’t you think? I inherited a family tree from […]
22nd April 2016

R for Relationships

It could quite easily have been resources, rate books, records (far too general), rent and/or various other R words. But, relationships stood out. Why? Because everything […]
20th April 2016

Q for Questions

All day, every day …. questions…. so many questions…. Who was the father of X? And was the mother, Y or Z? How can we be […]
19th April 2016

P for the Power of Networking

Networking? Why? …. Well frankly, why not? Family Wise Limited was founded in 2012 and, ever since its foundation, we have been networking in various guises. […]
18th April 2016

O for Occupations

Those who have heard my lecture on Searching for Surnames will know that I have favourite names which I (as well as, no doubt, others) have located […]
17th April 2016

N for National Archives

You would think that N would be an easy letter in the A-Z blog. There are definitely more challenging letters ahead and there are loads of […]