30th April 2016

Z for Zealots

There have been a few tough nuts to crack during the A-Z blog and the last of the lot, Z, had a fairly short list of […]
30th April 2016

Y for Youth

The best time to start doing family history is ‘in your youth‘ as there are (hopefully) family members from older generations still around to assist with names, dates, […]
28th April 2016

X marks the spot

This was always destined to be one of the more challenging letters of the A-Z blog list. X can always revert to the lazy X…. along […]
27th April 2016

W for Wonderful World of Webinars

Modern technology is wonderful. When I first started researching my own family history (when I was a “microbe” – Pa FWL’s parlance for being a youngster, i.e. under […]
26th April 2016

V for Vaccination records

“What?” I hear you shout. It’s rather unlikely that the parent taking their child to the Public Vaccinator in the nineteenth century to be vaccinated for smallpox […]
25th April 2016

U for Unrealistic

Oh, how many possibilities there are with this title! How many people in the world claim that they are descended from King Oojamaflip? Or they have […]
24th April 2016

T for Thank You!

Two small words (in English) which, when put together, mean a lot to the recipient. We seem to have become a society of people always ready to […]
23rd April 2016

S for Stories

It’s all about stories. Yes, there are names, dates and places but the stories are more important, don’t you think? I inherited a family tree from […]
22nd April 2016

R for Relationships

It could quite easily have been resources, rate books, records (far too general), rent and/or various other R words. But, relationships stood out. Why? Because everything […]