17th April 2016

N for National Archives

You would think that N would be an easy letter in the A-Z blog. There are definitely more challenging letters ahead and there are loads of […]
15th April 2016

M for Mother’s Maiden Name

A fairly crucial part of our research…. the mother’s maiden name…. particularly when we are trying to make connections back up the tree. John Waterhouse with […]
14th April 2016

L for Lazy Research

When stuck for blog post topics, Team FWL, Mr FWL and Ma & Pa FWL are often consulted. Tonight, the credit goes to Mr FWL. L […]
14th April 2016

K for Kin

A person’s closest living relative is frequently referred to as their ‘next of kin‘. In the United States, this has a legal definition. However, in the United […]
12th April 2016

J for Juggling

During the course of our research, we do a lot of juggling. Juggling of hundreds of projects with different expectations, time scales, client requirements etc. Lists […]
11th April 2016

I for Investigation

When you are welcomed into the working world of FWL Towers, Investigation is added (by deed poll) to your name as a new (additional) middle name. That’s what […]
9th April 2016

H for Heirlooms

Wouldn’t we all like some family heirlooms?! During WDYTYA? Live, there have been a fair few knocking about as Eric Knowles and Marc Allum became ‘Heirloom […]
8th April 2016

G for a Gaggle of Genealogists

It could have been genealogy but that would have been too obvious! Bearing in mind where most of the team are at the moment, it would […]
7th April 2016

F for Families

What else could F possibly be for? But, by crikey, families are funny things. There is an idiom, “you can choose your friends, but you can’t […]