6th April 2016

E for Electoral Registers

From 1841 to 1911 (in England, Scotland and Wales), we have a census each ten years. Handy…. though not completed for genealogical purposes! If they were, […]
5th April 2016

D for Departure

Much of our work is about departure, in some fashion or form. Departure from this world to another, either with or without Will. With is mighty […]
4th April 2016

C for Certificates

They are a genealogist’s best friend, right? Erm, wrong! Civil registration began in England and Wales on 1 July 1837 and Scotland joined in on 1 […]
2nd April 2016

B for Bonavacantia

OK, so what the heck does ‘Bonavacantia’ mean?! Yesterday (and frequently to be honest) we write about Bonavacantia…. it means ‘vacant goods’ and is the name given […]
1st April 2016

A for Alias

Welcome to the A-Z Bloggers Guide to Heir Hunting and Family History! When FWL first started blogging, we wrote every single day. Over the years (many), we […]
31st March 2016

Does being more vocal mean you are right?

OK, so slightly off the genie track…. but this is a matter which has been bothering me for a while now. There are some people in […]
29th March 2016

Crazy days

You know it’s been a crazy day when the easiest thing to crack was a case where the deceased was born in Eastern Europe! No – […]
27th March 2016

Alas Smith and Jones

…. not my idea! In fact, it was the brainchild of two British comedians, Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones. A British television comedy sketch, it […]
26th March 2016

Easter Saturday at FWL Towers

Earlier in the week, I wrote someone an email referring to FWL Towers and looking back now, it looks like Fawlty Towers…. made me laugh! Today […]