7th December 2015

And the winner is….?

We all know that it’s not just about winning, it’s about taking part. Yeah – like hell it is! We all want to win. No matter […]
6th December 2015

Somewhere over the rainbow

On a Friday, people often say “Thank goodness, it’s Friday. Let the weekend begin.” Not here. We work the weekends too. And there is never a […]
5th December 2015

How wrong is wrong?

On a daily basis, we have the dubious pleasure of ‘competing’ against our fellow ‘Heir Hunters’ to sign estates to FWL. Inevitably, when there are a number of beneficiaries within […]
4th December 2015

Circus performances and Mastermind

I am neither a pancratist nor a urinator, you’ll be glad to hear….! However, you are probably wondering what those two words actually mean! A pancratist […]
3rd December 2015

Didn’t see that coming!

Well, I kind of did…. I was watching out for it this morning! Chief in Charge of Post – Dawn – was a little later than […]
2nd December 2015

“Bah! Humbug!”

Ebenezer Scrooge was the cold-hearted miser who despised Christmas at the beginning of the famous Charles Dickens novel, A Christmas Carol. I won’t tell you porky pies, but this […]
1st December 2015

But seriously….

As I sit here writing this blog, I am somewhat staggered. I was expecting to write a blog today about ridiculous names. However, I feel compelled […]
30th November 2015

Here endeth….

…. my working day! No kidding…. Sunday, for some, is a day of rest. Not for me…. The amount of paper I have shifted today is […]
28th November 2015

Has it really started already?

Facebook is full of it. The streets of Calne and Chippenham are full of it. Apparently, Christmas has arrived much earlier this year than I have ever […]