30th November 2015

Here endeth….

…. my working day! No kidding…. Sunday, for some, is a day of rest. Not for me…. The amount of paper I have shifted today is […]
28th November 2015

Has it really started already?

Facebook is full of it. The streets of Calne and Chippenham are full of it. Apparently, Christmas has arrived much earlier this year than I have ever […]
28th November 2015

How? That’s all….

…. I’d like to know. How am I still awake having slept through the three alarms this morning and woken up after the time I should […]
26th November 2015

A day of two halves

…. with a few battles! I am not the biggest fan of London. It’s a nice enough place with lots of stuff to see and do […]
25th November 2015

What are you doing?

There is, most definitely, a time and a place for an update on our world. So, what are we doing? Erm, loads!! Continuing our research behind […]
25th November 2015

Choosing the right approach

What an interesting day…. and on reflection, one I have learnt a huge amount from. Three challenges presented themselves in quick succession this morning. Firstly, a […]
23rd November 2015

Monday madness

Once upon a time, I knew what Monday would bring as soon as it came around. Significant amounts of Maths teaching (Science rarely featured) and generally […]
22nd November 2015

A Sunday in the life of….

Thank heaven…. Sunday was, this morning, the time for a long lie in! This week has been insane. I am quite certain that I have travelled […]
21st November 2015

The Story of Portman Road

Arrived home at 9pm, having left Ipswich at 4:45pm…. a very successful and enjoyable but somewhat exhausting day! The Society for One-Place Studies 2nd AGM and […]