13th November 2015

The power of networking

Team FWL have been working their socks off in various locations across the globe today and it has been a very hectic day for me, as […]
12th November 2015

The importance of accuracy

Following on from my blog entitled Are you sure about that? on 11 November, over the last few days I have been utterly amazed at the inaccuracy and […]
12th November 2015

Just a bit off kilter….

I have to confess: it’s been an odd Wednesday, all in all. Completely due to a late night last night and early rise to 4Sight at the best […]
11th November 2015

Are you sure about that?

Why couldn’t the census enumerators have asked this question? Why didn’t they spend longer on those doorsteps, really grilling our ancestors …. about their ages, places […]
10th November 2015

Digging into the past

I spend my entire life digging into the past, but I don’t very often dig into my own. For some reason, something inspired me to look back […]
9th November 2015

The nuts and bolts

When does something become routine in life? A permanent fixture which cannot be changed. How can the nuts and bolts of life in some capacities be […]
8th November 2015

Going the distance

To whom it may concern: Once upon a time, I was a lazy MD. I did my work each day and never considered how much physical […]
7th November 2015

Thank you and Goodnight

As MD of FWL, I often find myself carrying out the ‘oddest’ of tasks. Things that I never would have imagined would be ‘part of the […]
5th November 2015

How many sources?

Over the past year, FWL have had some interesting cases which have not, shall we say, conformed! On various occasions, the Bonavacantia list is not kind, giving us […]