7th November 2015

Thank you and Goodnight

As MD of FWL, I often find myself carrying out the ‘oddest’ of tasks. Things that I never would have imagined would be ‘part of the […]
5th November 2015

How many sources?

Over the past year, FWL have had some interesting cases which have not, shall we say, conformed! On various occasions, the Bonavacantia list is not kind, giving us […]
5th November 2015

When is it reasonable to….?

At the time of writing, I am well past the point at which I would even vaguely consider picking up the telephone to call someone in […]
4th November 2015

When days just happen

As regular readers will know, I used to have a very different ‘day job’ to what I do now. In my past life, each day was […]
3rd November 2015

The 1939 Register

It’s been ‘the talk of the town’…. the genealogical ‘town’ anyway! I have barely managed to look at social media today without people discussing the cost, […]
1st November 2015

Here endeth another weekend

OK folks, I am curious …. what have you been up to this weekend? It’s been Hallowe’en and the Rugby World Cup Final (as mentioned yesterday) …. […]
31st October 2015

Happy Hallowe’en

T’would be fair to say that Hallowe’en has become much more popular in recent decades than when I was a young person…. but let’s face it, […]
31st October 2015

And the winner is….

…. Mike Quackenbush! You have won my RootsTech pass giveaway! I’ll be sending you more details via email…. When I put my giveaway details out there […]
29th October 2015


That caught your eye, eh!? Well, for those non-British readers, codswallop is an emphatic way for us Brits to say that something is nonsense. Worldwidewords.org states that the […]