30th September 2015

Oh happy day….

Today has been a very happy but very long day indeed in the land of FWL. Leaving home at 6:30am, I wended my  merry way to Weston-Super-Mare. Not […]
28th September 2015

The birds and the bees

I would bet a large amount of money that you opened this blog post with a very inquisitive mind as to what was going to be within it!!! Well, […]
27th September 2015

You are kidding, right? (Part 2)

This week, we have found plenty more crazy references to share with you …. including a Jane X marrying a Mr Jane, for one example!! So, […]
26th September 2015

Competing for England

Sometimes I blog about genealogy. On other occasions, I write about networking or events of ‘our day’ at FWL. Other blogs are more of the ‘random’ category…. […]
25th September 2015

The swear box overfloweth

When I parted company with my last full-time employer, I was given several presents from ‘the staff’ as a whole – some slightly eccentric ones and some with more […]
24th September 2015

You are kidding, right?

Over the last month or so, many readers have written to us at FWL asking for more of our ‘crazy finds‘…. so today, we thought we […]
23rd September 2015

Can I give you some advice?

Each and every day, we give people help and advice. We help to break down solid brick walls in their family history, locate missing people and […]
22nd September 2015

Reality: It’s a Matter of Perception

You do realise that people are constantly watching and making judgements of you, right….? That every single thing you do is remembered by somebody….? They judge […]
22nd September 2015

The importance of being accurate

As regular blog readers will know, my best and most favourite subject at school was certainly not English. It is my first language but not one at […]