29th July 2015

Wonderful Wednesday

Great Scott! What an awesome day! Tuesday – if we are honest – was a bit crumby. Nothing major but just a few things didn’t quite […]
28th July 2015

What does it take?

People are funny things. They are all both genetically and inherently different. Becoming a successful entrepreneur (or dedicated employee) depends upon someone’s ability to understand the […]
28th July 2015

Investing for the future

No, I have not changed career and become a financial adviser. It’s OK folks…. at FWL, we are still finding people and changing lives. However, over […]
26th July 2015

Why the tortoise always wins the race

Aesop was said to be a Greek slave and storyteller believed to have lived between 620 and 560 BC in ancient Greece. Many of the stories […]
25th July 2015

Hatched (matched) and dispatched

In every family tree, each character must be hatched and dispatched, with a potential for being matched in between times. They may not have lasted long […]
24th July 2015

Down the back straight

Don’t worry. Hell hasn’t frozen over. I haven’t turned into a sports fanatic. However, this evening I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games at The […]
23rd July 2015

A day in the life of….

There is a great BBC series called ‘Toughest Place to be a …’ in which British workers are challenged to do their job under some of the toughest […]
22nd July 2015

Getting sidetracked

I describe genealogy as like marmite – you either love it or you hate it. If you hate it, you are not interested in finding out […]
21st July 2015

Random requests for assistance

At FWL, we find people…. no matter how hard they try to hide. Seriously…. some of them try really hard, but we will not be beaten. […]