25th April 2019

V is for Vintage

What’s the difference between classic, vintage and retro? A vintage item or piece of clothing was made in an era. It will always be remembered of […]
24th April 2019

U is for the good, the bad and the plain UGLY

  There’s all sorts of good All types of bad And every kind of ugly   There’s good in the bad And bad in the good […]
24th April 2019

T is for Family TREE

Most of us at some point had homework to do where the task was to draw your family tree. Oooh how exciting! Going home to ask […]
23rd April 2019

S is for Siblings

“Someone for whom you would give your life, but wouldn’t let borrow your phone charger”   I grew up in a very noisy household with four […]
20th April 2019

R for Royal Relations

Have you started tracing your family tree and discovered a familial branch that’s linked to royalty (like the majority of those with British ancestry!)? You’re not […]
19th April 2019

Q is for Quest: A family Journey

In the mid-nineteenth century, the Welsh language was being discouraged by the English-speaking government. This combined with religious non-conformity, led to a movement to establish a […]
18th April 2019

P is for Parish: The History of Parish Registers

  Why are these lengthy volumes regarded as one of the most enlightening and valuable source in family history research?     What are Parish Registers […]
17th April 2019

O is for for Oops, oooh’s and Uh Oh’s: The Shocking Surprises of Family History Research

 The accidental breakthrough Isn’t it great when you accidentally find a connection whilst researching your own or someone’s family history? These ‘oops’ moments of delight don’t […]
16th April 2019

N for News

A Brief History of Journalism and the News   In the very early, early days, the news was spread from person to person via word of […]