14th July 2015

When life is not quite so simple

Goodness me, Mr and Mrs Genealogy don’t half set us some challenges in life! When was William Sillifant not William Sillifant? When he decided to change his […]
13th July 2015

Marvellous, magnificent, magical Monday

Wow …. what a wonderful start to the week! The day began with a monster list which I did not stand a chance of completing – […]
12th July 2015

Game, Set, Match

Life isn’t all about winning. However, it is sometimes pretty important as I am sure Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic would agree as I sit writing […]
11th July 2015

When the chips are down….

The past year has been tough for many of my close friends and colleagues. Some have been hit by personal tragedy, others by illness. The ‘Big […]
10th July 2015

The String Section

So far, in the orchestral manoeuvres, the woodwind and brass sections have featured and now, it’s the turn of the string section. So many stringy instruments though […]
9th July 2015

A life history in one house

Recently, we have been appointed as administrators in an estate which includes a property in London. It’s not – in its current state – a very salubrious […]
8th July 2015

Opening a can of worms….

When you start tracing your family history, what do you hope to find out? The names of your 2 x great-grandparents? Where your surname originated? Whether […]
7th July 2015

When is enough really enough?

I give up…. Like heck I do! I never give up! But seriously, at FWL it’s really hard to know when to give up. There are […]
6th July 2015

Draft, draft and re-draft

As Managing Director of FWL, I am supposed to know everything. And, do you know what ….? I do! However, that is only with the ‘on tap’ […]