7th July 2015

When is enough really enough?

I give up…. Like heck I do! I never give up! But seriously, at FWL it’s really hard to know when to give up. There are […]
6th July 2015

Draft, draft and re-draft

As Managing Director of FWL, I am supposed to know everything. And, do you know what ….? I do! However, that is only with the ‘on tap’ […]
5th July 2015

The Brass Section

Earlier this week, the Woodwind Section of the orchestra featured and today is the turn of the Brass Section. Contrary to popular belief, the saxophone is […]
4th July 2015

Morgan, Jones, Evans, Williams ….

Having removed half the leaflets and brochures from the hotel reception last night, Mr FWL and I went through the pile and separated them into yes, […]
3rd July 2015

So much to sea

It’s not often I take time out of the FWL office but this weekend, we are away on a short break…. who’d have thought it possible?! […]
2nd July 2015

The penny drops

As a business owner, Managing Director, or whatever you would like to call me, I regularly attend business network meetings in the local area (and sometimes […]
1st July 2015

The Woodwind Section

Frequently at FWL, our  minds turn to the eccentric – sometimes, we are driven there and on other occasions, we drive there of our own accord. […]
30th June 2015

Famous last words

I do believe that summer is here in England – lordie, we have had the windows, doors and conservatory open today and it is HOT! Of […]
29th June 2015

How far can we go?

Isn’t that just a classic question! Clients often ask us how far back we can research their ancestry. How long is a piece of string? The influencing factors […]