29th June 2015

How far can we go?

Isn’t that just a classic question! Clients often ask us how far back we can research their ancestry. How long is a piece of string? The influencing factors […]
28th June 2015

Who wants to find ‘Long Lost Family’?

Finding living people is not easy. It takes a lot of skill, expertise and what we call at FWL, a terrier-like attitude. Depending on why you want to find […]
27th June 2015

Waving the magic wand

It’s Saturday and another jolly work day at FWL. Every day is a work day really…. Began by sorting out one of the boxes of paperwork […]
26th June 2015

What is the appropriate etiquette?

Right from the outset, Friday 26th was going to be ‘entertaining’ (please translate to words such as challenging, interesting, manic etc.). More than anything else, there […]
25th June 2015

What are your aspirations?

When I was young, I don’t really remember having a particular aspiration in life. Some children have a goal in terms of a job they really […]
24th June 2015

It is nice to be….

…. important, but it’s more important to be nice! So said John Templeton…. and it sure helps in business. The team here at FWL has grown substantially […]
23rd June 2015

Making assumptions

…. is a very dangerous game to play. In genealogy terms, you could end up barking rather loudly up completely the wrong tree by connecting the dots […]
22nd June 2015

Families are funny things

“They can be large or small, normal or crazy, fun or embarrassing – families are all different. Sometimes your family is just great to be with, […]
21st June 2015

Predictable? That would be ….

…. boring! What would a ‘normal’ person do on a Sunday? Chill out and watch the tennis, the athletics, do some gardening or some household chores? […]