17th May 2015

And thank you to….

How many times have you listened to acceptance speeches of the great and the good of the acting and sporting world at award ceremonies and thought, […]
16th May 2015

What do you give back?

There are many occasions when we do a piece of work for nothing. Yes, you did read that right. We are highly skilled professional researchers but […]
15th May 2015

Paying for crime

Most of the time, I steer well clear of opinionated blog posts. However, something is concerning me. I am currently investigating the familyhistory of a man […]
14th May 2015

Natural networking

Some things take effort in life, whilst other things come naturally. It takes effort to find people, you know! We have natural skill but it is […]
13th May 2015

Star Wars, Trek and the Thirteenth

May. A peculiar month. Two Bank Holiday Mondays (not that that makes a difference to us at FWL really, apart from we don’t get a new list […]
12th May 2015

Genie-inspiring others

Inspiring young people was my job of yesteryear and now, I try to inspire everyone I meet to get involved in genealogy, but only if they bring […]
11th May 2015

Maths and genealogy – what’s the link?

Over the years, I have met a fair few genealogists/family historians of both the hobbyist, amateur and professional kind. Some dabble in the art whilst others […]
10th May 2015

The power of the weekend

Don’t panic – we haven’t had the weekend off! Not even close…. Doing what we do is a 24-7 job. Well, not quite 24 hours a […]
9th May 2015

B&Q, ‘Operation New Gate’ and a Bushman

Saturday is a curious day of the week and frequently a noisier one than any other day around the offices of FWL. People in nearby homes seem to […]