27th May 2015

Toronto or York?

And today, I remain in Toronto though changing residency in a short while. A few final tweaks to the OGS presentations and they’ll be ready to […]
26th May 2015

A day in Toronto

Well, in order to post a blog today (UK-time), this is more like ‘half a day in Toronto‘ actually! Being five hours behind BST, I awoke to […]
25th May 2015

Harbour Square and Billy Bishop

My genea-journey continues …. and I am now a Toronto resident for several days. After a minor travel delay en route (leaving Niagara Falls 75 minutes later than […]
24th May 2015

Helicopters and history

Yesterday, I mentioned my current location of Niagara Falls. I have visited on two previous occasions – once in 1999 and once last year – and both […]
23rd May 2015

From a different time zone

FWL now has a new office – in Niagara! More sun evident than we are used to at the moment in the UK (and I arrived […]
22nd May 2015

First Great Western to Heathrow Terminal 5

Those who have been followers of the FWL blog for a long period of time, will know that my international travels do not often go smoothly. […]
21st May 2015

On your marks….

…. Get Set, Go! Time to start the race. The race to Heathrow. It’ll be a slowly run race. I prefer to be the tortoise than […]
20th May 2015

Are you ready?

And as the week rolls by, it gets closer and closer to Friday. We are over the ‘hump’ of the week – Wednesday – and the […]
19th May 2015

The Hour of Power

When do you achieve your best work? Are you a night owl or one who is up with the larks? Do you burn the candle at […]