30th April 2015

Wool willies and boob dealers?

Fruit. A common word in the English language. Fairly regularly written and spoken, even if not eaten in enough volume by some of us. So, I […]
29th April 2015

I did promise you ….

Yesterday, I did say that there were plenty more to come…. transcription entertainment is rife….! As family historians will know, there are some terms which are used […]
28th April 2015

More cracking transcription errors

Or almighty ****-ups, so some might call them! Seriously…. I have been finalising some research reports this week for clients and yesterday, I realised that I […]
27th April 2015

Politics, post and plonkers

Life seems to revolve around these three P’s at the moment – actually, they are often one in the same thing. Strange though it may seem, […]
26th April 2015

A new hobby: Welding!

You are probably wondering how I have time for a new hobby? And you would be right to question my sanity. There are already too few […]
25th April 2015

Saturday – a day of rest?

Well, perhaps for some people…. Here at FWL, it’s been busy as usual, though in slightly different ways. A trip to the post office to collect […]
24th April 2015

Frenetic Friday

I often comment about how odd our days are at FWL. Today has been even more peculiar than usual with wide-ranging missions from meeting a young […]
23rd April 2015

Networking at its best

Is it possible to do too much networking? I sincerely hope not! The last week – Thursday to Thursday – has seen the FWL team doing […]
22nd April 2015

Woof on earth?

Over the last few weeks, many of our blogs have been about what we’ve been getting up to …. and over this time, we have been […]