11th April 2015

I seriously love my job

During my lifetime, I have worked in a shoe shop, in various residential, nursing and ‘mental health’ facilities, taken care of people in their own homes (for […]
10th April 2015

And what do you do?

My background is not in sales. Nor marketing. I set up FWL in 2012 and, in all honesty – I’m a rubbish liar, so honesty is […]
9th April 2015

Politics – I’ve already had enough!

Is it just me, or is it all too much already? It’s on Facebook, Twitter, the television, the radio…. GIVE ME A BREAK! If I want […]
8th April 2015

Boats, torpedoes and the ability to say ‘NO’!

A few light years ago (well actually, on Saturday, but it feels like light years ago), I wrote about boats and what makes them go faster. […]
7th April 2015

The power of miaow

Who is the noisiest creature in the office of FWL? Who is the least productive member of the FWL team? Who is the most challenging character […]
6th April 2015

Porkie pies

Once upon a time, in a land far far from here, a young brother and sister lived deep in a forest constructed of cake and confectionery […]
5th April 2015

Magic moments

There was a magical moment this weekend when I said “Eureka – I know what I am going to write for the blog post on Sunday!” […]
4th April 2015

What makes your boat go faster?

During the course of the last week, a wise man said to me, “You need to figure out what makes your boat go faster“! Oh how […]
3rd April 2015

Helping others

When I was younger, I was a Brownie. In those days, Brownies had to wear pretty hideous dresses. Young Brownies of today, be thankful of your […]