30th March 2015

Real life (as we now know it)

Sorry ‘Trekkies’ – this post has nothing to do with Jim. According to Wikipedia (so it must be right!), real life is a “phrase used to […]
29th March 2015

The difference between right and wrong

When I was ‘a tiddler’, Ma & Pa FWL had the unenviable task of bringing me up. I am sure this task was not easy when […]
28th March 2015

Adventures in Wonderland

Gertrude has now been replaced by Doris who, it appears, has an occasional US accent. We thought we had fathomed the reason for the switch but […]
27th March 2015

Time for a change?

Running FWL (and all the other things I do) means that me and Mr FWL don’t get much ‘time out’ together. So this weekend, we have […]
26th March 2015

When push comes to shove

It’s a funny phrase, don’t you think? “When push comes to shove” or “when the chips are down” or “when the gloves come off” are phrases usually accompanied by “you know […]
25th March 2015

Are you having a laugh?

How many hours are there in a day? I know that the sensible, mathematical answer is 24. How many of those should be waking ones? 16 is […]
24th March 2015

When all is not what it seems

Us genies do love a good oddball, don’t we? Over the last few days, Myko Clelland has been posting a lot of funny finds on Twitter […]
23rd March 2015

Back to the grindstone ….

I love the fact that every day presents a different challenge. Cases which teach us something new, clients who request some ‘out of the ordinary’ research, […]
22nd March 2015

Those ‘white roads’ on Google

In the UK – and most probably elsewhere in the world – the slightly more ‘minor’ roads are white on Google. The wider the white, the […]