25th March 2015

Are you having a laugh?

How many hours are there in a day? I know that the sensible, mathematical answer is 24. How many of those should be waking ones? 16 is […]
24th March 2015

When all is not what it seems

Us genies do love a good oddball, don’t we? Over the last few days, Myko Clelland has been posting a lot of funny finds on Twitter […]
23rd March 2015

Back to the grindstone ….

I love the fact that every day presents a different challenge. Cases which teach us something new, clients who request some ‘out of the ordinary’ research, […]
22nd March 2015

Those ‘white roads’ on Google

In the UK – and most probably elsewhere in the world – the slightly more ‘minor’ roads are white on Google. The wider the white, the […]
21st March 2015

The wonders of the West Country

As regular readers will know from yesterday’s blog post, I am down in my home county of Devon. I say ‘home county’ but I have never […]
20th March 2015

Travels to the West Country

Friday has been something of a different beast this week. Normally, it begins with a BNI meeting in Bath but today, I had a lie in! […]
19th March 2015

Keys, cars and chargers

Continued letter to Whoever-you-are-who-looks-down-on-us-all…. Well, the first part of my letter to you last night finished with ‘Misplaced the house keys…. HOW?! The front door is locked […]
19th March 2015

Sir, Madam and the Average Speed Cameras

Dear Whoever-you-are-who-looks-down-on-us-all (if you even exist – but hey, it’s worth a try), I wonder if you could kindly explain a few things to me as, […]
18th March 2015

Service interruption

Dear Readers, Apologies for this short term service interruption. Normal service will resume as soon as possible. Kind regards, FWL