15th February 2015

Curtains vs furniture

Well, I have certainly learnt something new this weekend. Actually, I may well have ‘known it’ before but it was put back to the annals of […]
14th February 2015

Another one bites the dust

Panic not. No-one has shuffled off this mortal coil. Well, they quite possibly have somewhere in the world, but not anyone closely linked to FWL. This is […]
13th February 2015

Working harder vs working smarter

Working smart is essential, but it’s only half of the equation. [You know me, I am a mathematician and logical problem solver at heart!] No company managing director will […]
12th February 2015

TNA Thursday

Oh lordie, I had forgotten what a pleasure it is to traipse down the M4 in the morning…. I am sure you spotted the sarcasm there, […]
11th February 2015

Tuesday random waffles (Part 2)

Well, Tuesday turned into Wednesday without much shut-eye, but that’s nothing different from ‘the norm’ – as per our discussion about the term ‘normal’ yesterday. Late […]
10th February 2015

Tuesday random waffles (Part 1)

One day, I might get back to doing my own genealogical research…. Haha! Who am I kidding?! Occasionally, I take five or ten minutes to look […]
9th February 2015

If it ain’t broke…

Since 1858, applications for grants of probate or letters of administration have been made at either the Principal Probate Registry in London (now the Principal Registry […]
8th February 2015

Keeping it real

Nowadays, there are so many new words, phrases and sayings, I often feel old as I am not sure I am quite keeping up with the […]
7th February 2015

Seize the moment

Oh my….! I love it when a plan comes together but I love it even more when something unexpected pops up, I roll with it and it […]