31st January 2015

Decorating vs Family History

The recent past at FWL has involved lots of changes. We have had many tradesman gracing our offices with their presence from window fitters (we now […]
30th January 2015

Karma ….

Dear Karma 2014 was a very odd year for me. What I had always taken for granted and accepted as ‘normal life‘ (whatever that really is), changed […]
29th January 2015

Nothing is impossible

Today, I have made a major realisation which I simply have to share with you all. Nothing is impossible. At FWL, we specialise in finding people. We […]
28th January 2015

Coffee or tea? Milk? Sugar?

Having had several tradesmen in the office these last ten days – whilst having two rooms newly decorated and carpeted – I have become a master […]
27th January 2015

When is ‘a good time’?

Remember the 1970s? The excitement in your house when the telephone rang? That telephone which was plugged into the wall and was unmovable…. that the children in the […]
26th January 2015

Famous ancestors

Wouldn’t we all like to find that we have famous people in our family trees? Personally, I was lucky enough to have an ancestor who I […]
25th January 2015

Random waffles

Dear FWL Blog Readers, Sometimes this blog is about ‘up-to-the-minute’ news in the field of genealogy/family history. Other days, it’s about networking, business gubbins or other […]
24th January 2015

How long will it take?

Working out how long a project will take is a difficult task as there are so many factors to consider. You know when you take your […]
23rd January 2015

Social media. Good or bad?

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. When I was a small child, computers had barely been invented. Only rich business people […]